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Mthente helps find opportunities for SMMEs in SEZs

The Department of Small Business Development (DSBD) appointed Mthente to conduct a study on the “Identification of Opportunities for SMMEs and Co-operatives in Strategic Value Chains within Special Economic Zones”. The premise of the DSBD study is to improve the integration of SMMEs and co-operatives into global value chains, using SEZs as the vehicle for […]

Tshikululu – Due Diligence: NGO Early Development Expansion Programme

Early Childhood Development (ECD) encompasses the full spectrum of development, from birth (or, some researchers say, conception) to age 6.  This includes a child’s cognitive, emotional, sensory, social and physical development. This is a time when the child’s brain is most susceptible to environmental influences and as such, experiences in this time set the foundation […]

Vaana Solutions Cape Town Healthcare Tour 2019

On Monday, 25 November, Matti Parpala and Dr. Kemal Ahson, from Vaana Solutions will arrive in Cape Town for a week-long tour of the South African Healthcare Sector facilitated by Mthente Research and Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd. Vaana Solutions is a leading Nordic technology company (based in Finland) and works specifically within health and social care management and […]

Mthente Research seeks Account Managers

1 of 11 Account Managers Mthente Research and Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd is a research-driven consultancy based in Cape Town.  We are seeking the expertise of two Account Managers with solid account and client management experience and knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research, to manage day-to-day contact with our clients & to co-ordinate all client […]

Beyond Passion, Resilience and Networks: Entrepreneurs and the role of Policy

The Department of Small Business Development (DBSD) commissioned Mthente to undertake a study that would investigate the effects of economic challenges and slow growth on SMMEs and Cooperatives. We were asked, among other things, to recommend policy responses that would support SMMEs and Cooperatives during periods of economic recession. One story of a passionate and […]

Vacancy: Operations Manager

Mthente Research and Consulting Services is looking for an experienced Operations Manager who will be responsible for the overall management of Mthente’s research and consulting projects.  This will be achieved by designing, implementing and managing internal processes and systems that will drive organisational performance and efficiencies, allowing for the delivery of high-quality research products on […]