Mthente Research and Consulting Services

Stakeholder Management Facilitation

A robust & responsive stakeholder engagement model is critical for organisational success and brand reputation. Managing different stakeholders is core to business strategy as it helps enhance strategic relationships, as well as business planning and performance.  It also assists organisations to understand and respond appropriately to stakeholder concerns.

Mthente’s approach to stakeholder engagement is to offer solutions that will enable organisation to monitor and maintain constructive relationships with both their internal and external stakeholders, as well as to listen to and understand the needs of their key stakeholders. The alignment of the organisation’s values and deliverables with those of their key stakeholders will contribute towards reducing organisational risks and maximising opportunities.

Mthente approaches Stakeholder Engagement Facilitation through a process that incorporates both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including focus groups, interviews and surveys.

Mthente Research and Consulting Services

Impact Evaluations

Understanding the success of any project or programme requires strong key performance indicators that inform a systematic and evidence-based method to monitoring and evaluating. Our approach to Impact Evaluations is through Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation, which allows for assessment and learning that builds and empowers beneficiaries. It also allows for accountability and transparency.

Mthente conducts baseline, mid-term and end-term Impact Evaluations. Additionally, we undertake specialised evaluations such as: implementation and diagnostic evaluations. We work with organisations to measure the effectiveness of their programme activities, and determine the significance, impact and sustainability of the changes brought about by these activities.

Mthente Research and Consulting Services

Market Analysis and Business Intelligence

In a competitive economic climate, organisations cannot afford to make strategic business decisions without being thoroughly informed about current market conditions – the opportunities these offer, as well the risks and constraints.

We conduct market analysis and business intelligence across diverse economic sectors to inform: strategic business decisions, issues relating to market competitiveness, the re-launch and design of products and value propositions, decisions relating to market expansion and the entry of new markets. Our results similarly inform marketing and communication strategies, and assist in enhancing brand reputation.

Our approach includes both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, centred on one-on-one in-depth interviews, focus groups across diverse communities, as well as surveys.

Mthente Research and Consulting Services


Mthente’s specialist research team assists organisations with conceptualising and designing research projects, selecting representative samples, and developing research instruments in order to conduct surveys of various scales. Mthente has a wealth of experience and a demonstrable track record in conducting stakeholder perception surveys, customer satisfaction surveys and community perception surveys using face-to-face interviews, focus groups, electronic surveys and telephonic surveys.

We have extensive experience in relation to statistical data collection, including extensive quantitative and qualitative analysis abilities using SPSS® and Atlas.ti® software packages that assist in ensuring statistically sound and robust recommendations.