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Client feedback

“Fedics began a relationship with Mthente in 2011 at UCT. Since then we have had the occasion to collaborate on a research project annually at UCT…in my experiences with you, I have immense praise for your professionalism and performance. It is clear that you listen carefully, understand our needs and are able to suggest a clear plan. Mthente has delivered the results within the appropriate timeframes…I respect your dedication and commitment. You also go the extra mile in terms of additional reports and presentations.”

Ms Thila Miller
Operations Manager – Fedics

“In my view the Mthente team was extremely professional, dedicated and efficient in conduct, and kept to high standards as well as delivered a good quality product. The directorate now has an excellent Monitoring and Evaluation Tool which is used for Planning, Implementation and Evaluation…At a point during the project where it was identified that the outcome might need to be amended, the Mthente team was most willing to meet and hear/understand the need…The directorate in fact received “more” than originally expected.”

Mr. Glen Phyfer
Head: Performance & Compliance
Social Development & Early Childhood Development Directorate
City of Cape Town

“Mthente has, much to the satisfaction of the NDA; delivered very well structured, detailed and very informative evaluation reports. These reports have helped the NDA in making a number of decisions…the methodologies that have been used by Mthente have been very efficient…I thoroughly recommend their research and evaluation services to anyone.”

Mr. Simon Baloyi

Senior Manager: Monitoring and Evaluation
National Development Agency (NDA)

“The Mthente team were extremely professional in conduct and presented the SAHGF with a high quality, rigorous and analytical report which provided strategic input into key decisions regarding the Teacher Training Programme – they are a key research partner”

Mr. Richard Freedman
South African Holocaust and Genocide Foundation