Vaana Solutions

Vaana Solutions Cape Town Healthcare Tour 2019

On Monday, 25 November, Matti Parpala and Dr. Kemal Ahson, from Vaana Solutions will arrive in Cape Town for a week-long tour of the South African Healthcare Sector facilitated by Mthente Research and Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd.

Vaana Solutions is a leading Nordic technology company (based in Finland) and works specifically within health and social care management and payment systems. It believes that effective management and monitoring of financial resources leads to improved healthcare outcomes. It currently works with over 80 municipalities, 1300 health providers, and is responsible for over 80 million Euros in annual transactions (it also works in the UK and New Zealand).

Vaana Solutions has identified South Africa as a potential next phase pilot environment and is looking to better understand how health and social care are both organised and funded here (as well as what technology (IT) architecture is used to support these activities).

In order to achieve this outcome, it will host a cocktail event on Tuesday, 26 November in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town which will be attended by professionals in the healthcare arena, from private insurance companies to companies making a difference in health in townships, doctors who own and operate private practices, and IT professionals who work for government-managed hospitals to name a few.

While here, together with the support from private and government hospitals, Mthente will facilitate on-the-ground facility tours to expose the Vaana team to what South Africa’s healthcare looks like on the frontlines.

If you (or your company) feel you would be able to positively contribute to the healthcare conversation, please get in touch by DMing us before the end of this week. There are a few places left at the cocktail event and we would love to have your voice as part of this important conversation.

Mthente is looking forward to Vaana’s visit to Cape Town and potentially working with Vaana to achieve the pilot locally (through Finnpartnership which is the Finnish Foreign Ministry’s funding support programme for commercial projects in developing countries).